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One out of every twelve Indians above the age of 40 is a diabetic. It is estimated that over 40 Million Indians are affected by Diabetes. Diabetes can affect several vital organs, like heart, kidneys, eye, nervous system, blood vessels and feet. UDCC is an endeavor to combat the challenge of diabetes-the silent killer.

Dr.N.Pankajakshan, a graduate of Trivandrum Medical College who had his postgraduate training in Internal Medicine at the prestigious ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, NEW DELHI, is leading the team of specialists in the Upasana Care Centre. Dr.N.Pankajakshan with his vast experience as a consultant physician for more than 25 years in Kerala Health Services and with his special training in diabetology at home and abroad co-ordinates the activities of UDCC to provide state-of-the-art Total Diabetes care at par with International standards. Diabetologist, Nutritionist, Educators, Nurse Specialists will be involved in the comprehensive care designed to prevent complications of diabetes.
The services of Cardiologists, Nephro/Urologists, Ophthalmologists, Neurologists, Surgeons are also brought under UDCC to provide total care under one roof.

The centre is fully equipped for screening and treatment of Heart, Kidney, eye, brain and blood vessels. DIABETES FOOT CLINIC is equipped with vascular Doppler, foot pressure and sensitometry instruments to prevent and treat diabetic foot.

Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP) Diabetes Wellness Programme (DWP) Annual Diabetes Complications Checkup and Total Diabetes Care Package are the other special services provided by the centre.