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The Department of Neurology at the Upasana Hospital committed to the integration of new understanding of neurobiology of disease into the clinical practice of neurology, in order to provide better health care for patients with neurological diseases. It offers the most advanced medical care for conditions related to the brain and nervous system providing thorough diagnosis and medical treatment for adults and children. We also apply the most advanced technology (including the availability of new drugs and treatment plans), making the care of neurological disorders more successful than ever before. The primary mission of the Department of Neurology are:
To provide excellent, state-of-art medical care to patients with neurological diseases.
To contribute to the advancement of new knowledge through basic and clinical neuroscience research and
To train personnel who will possess the skills to deliver comprehensive neurological care and advance new knowledge in the clinical neurosciences.
We started various neurology sub specially clinics as mentioned below for the convenience of our patients.
Headache clinic
For diagnosis and management of various childhood and adult headache disorders with special importance to migraneous headache.
Epilespy Clinic
For diagnosis and management of Epileptic syndrome.
Stroke Clinic
For complete diagnostic work up and management of stroke patient.
Neuromuscular clinic
For various muscle and nerve disorder.
Preventive Neurology clinic:
For chronic neurologic oilments like law backache, chronic pain syndromes etc.
This includes various biofeedback techniques with the help of music and yoga, which is a unique experimentation in the field of neurology, which has the proven values in various studies.
The concept is well backed with advanced Neuro-diagnostic techniques including:
- Imaging
- Digitalised EEG/VEEG system, which helps to distinguish eplileptic events from non-Epileptic events to avoid mismanagement.
- NCV/EMG/Machine helps in the diagnosis and immediate care in patients with various muscle and nerve diseases.
- Detailed cardiology package including Holter monitoring.
- Well equipped rhabilitation programmes and physiotheraphy department