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Dr. Sajeesh.S.R MD,DM



The department is headed by a highly skilled Orthopaedic surgeon with vast experience to manage all types of orthopaedic conditions and disorders.
Pain Clinic
Special pain clinic appointment for all days except Sundays and Saturdays can be obtained.
Ist Stage
Dealing with pain originating from bones & joints.

Pain Neck with radiation to one or both upper limbas mainly secondary to cervical spondylosis or Lumbar disc bulges, Disc Prolapse etc.
Pain back due to Lumbar Spondylosis or Lumbar disc bulges, Disc Prolapse etc.
Pain originating from Shoulders, Elbow, Wrist, Knees, Hips, Ankles and

How to proceed with Diagnosis and treatment of pain,
Instead of consuming NSAIDS for long time, combination of many NSAIDS for faster relief,
Consuming strong NSAIDS for faster relief which ultimately end up with Kidney damage. So to advise which NSAIDS to be taken, incase it is required for long duration and safest for the patient.
It is better to get a proper diagnosis and proper treatment instead of planning for quick relief and disastrous treatment.
The Orthopaedic Department is a vital strength of this Hospital and carries out operations for all types of major trauma including road accident illizarov operations total hip and knee joint replacement, spine surgery and knee Arthroscopy C-Arm guided surgeries with a stand by C-Arm facility.
The Physiotherapy department is valuable adjunct to the Orthopaedic Department. Doctor will discuss the various and appropriate treatment options with you and help you to select the best treatment plan to enable you to live an active and functional life.