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Dr.S. Rajendran


Urinary Stone Clinic & Lithotripsy Centre
Management of Urinary Stone disease continues to be the major work of Urologist in any modern centre, stones anywhere in the urinary tract can be successfully managed by non invasive (ESWL) or minimally invasive (URS-PCNL) techniques. Upasana Hospital has acquired the state of the art technologies to manage all types of urinary stones, simple and complex by using one of these modalities or in combination.
Existing Facilities
ESWL: Our Lithotripter medilith is working on electrohydraulic principles. Precisely designed and developed Medilith distintegrates urinary & biliary system stones without pain or anaesthesia. Stone localization is done with the help of US Scan and retrograde injection of contrast.
Out Endourology OT is well equipped with Karl Storz and Wolf endoscopies for upper and lower tract endoscopy. For intracorporeal lithotripsy we have ultrasonic lithotripter and EMS Swiss Lithoclast.
PCNL (Keyhole lithotripsy): Renal stones more than 1.5 c.m are successfully fragmented and retrieved and thereby achieving complete stone clearance before discharge. Renal stones of any size can be easily pulverized and removed with ultrasonic lithotripter.
Uretrorenoscopy (URS): Lower uteteric stones are fragmented and removed with wolf ureterscope and lithoclast, as a day care procedure. Upper ureteric stones may migrate into kidney during ureteroscopic lithotripsy and if it happens, we complete the procedure by immediately converting to PCNL/ESWL.
Other routine urological procedures like TUR-R, TUR-BT etc. are also done. Besides endourology procedures we also perform all types of reconstructive surgery, paediatric and female urological procedures including incontinence. There are also facilities for complete evaluation of male infertility, erectile and ejaculation disorders and for appropriate surgical treatment