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Quality Policy

Upasana Hospital is committed to provide international standards by creating the suitable work environment and to practice safe and ethical medicine.
Quality Management Process
The programme of quality management is chalked out in the Managerial and administrative staff meeting. The feedback is being taken and the defects are rectified immediately.
Management Responsibility

  • Fulfill the expectation of customer
  • Quality Planning
  • Fulfill statutory and regulatory requirement.
  • Growth Strategy.

Resources Management

  • Effective Planning of resources
  • Recruit efficient and knowledgeable manpower
  • Deployment of cutting edge technology and infrastructure
  • Finance resource management
  • Conducive work environment
  • Retain knowledge man power.

Medical Advisory Committees
Expert Committee
This committee reviews the decision and proposals of the lower committees and gives approval for implementation. This is the most powerful committee regarding medical matters.
Hospital Advisory Committee
This committee is the apex body empowered to approve the implementation of decisions taken by the lower committee for efficient functioning and development of Hospital.
Medical Audit Committee
To evaluate medical care rendered to patients
Operation Theatre Committee
To evaluate proper function of theatre operation
Academic Council
To improve academic and research activity
Infection Control Committee

  • Develop and review policies
  • Provides link for surveillance activity
  • Develop infection prevention strategy
  • Provide necessary guidelines to all units to control infection

Medical records committee
This committee is responsible for review and approves Plans & programmes of Medical records. Employing innovative concepts like coded numbering system, extensive narrative summaries of the patients. Keeping an elaborate record of each and every patient, which make easy for scientific follow-up of a patient medical history for the future.
Drug Committee
To evaluate the quality of drugs purchased

Patient care Monitoring System

  • Word committee
  • Administrator’s round
  • Department review
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Hiospital Management team

Safety and Risk Management Committee

  • Hospital Insurance
  • Staff training
  • Infection Control
  • Preventive Maintenance of Equipment
  • Risk advisory Committee

This committee comprise of Managerial and Administrative staff. The meeting is held on every Saturday or as and when necessary the committee entrusts the responsibility of monitoring the day-to-day affairs of the Hospital to its members.