A whole New Upasana

We are delighted to inform you that Upasana Hospital is reaching almost 5 decades of unparalleled service in the health care sector. In these years, our hospital has stood tall as a beacon of hope for many families in and around Kollam, catering to their health and wellness. Thank you for all these years of trust that you have placed in us.

March 24
Upasana Brand Reveal

We take this opportunity to invite you to be part of the refreshed brand identity reveal on the 24th of March 2022. Please join us at C. Keshavan Memorial Town Hall in Kollam at 10:30 AM to share our joy as we make this historic transition. We hope you will keep supporting us as you have always done, as we embark on this new phase of our journey.

Logo Launch

A new logo for Upasana; a precursor to redefining healthcare and patient experience.

Department inauguration

2 new departments and the commencement of 3 renovated departments.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Celebrating excellence and paying respect to changemakers in the sector.

Brand Reveal

An all new identity for Upasana; setting a new benchmark for healthcare experience.

Upasana Health Card

Gold & Platinum health cards to improve access to quality care.

Come Join us
in our new journey.

Join us on the commencement day of our new journey. Launch ceremony will be held at C. Keshavan Memorial Town Hall in Kollam on March 24th. 

Transforming Healthcare
Reimagining Hospital Experience

As all things grow they must also change and transform to keep up with the never-ending march of time. To meet the aspirations of the next generations of Keralites, Upasana Hospital that you know and love so well is embracing a series of changes starting from its brand identity. With a powerful brand identity, patient experience program and suite of other changes Upasana is all set to transform care and treatment services in Kerala.

Upasana is all set to transform care and treatment services in Kerala.

Luminaries who will grace the Launching Ceremony

Shri. K N Balagopal, Minister of Finance, Government of Kerala
Shri. Mohanlal
Shri. M Noushad, Member Legislative Assembly
Shri. N K Premachandran, Member of Parliament
Smt. Prasanna Earnest, Mayor, kollam corporation
Shri. M Mukesh, Member legislative Assembly
Shri. P C Vishnunath, Member Legislative Assembly
Adv. A K Savad, Councillor
Shri. K Surendran, State President, BJP
Shri. Mullakara Retnakaran, Senior Leader, CPI