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Dr. Manoj Kumar V V

Dr. Manoj Kumar V V

Director & Chief Operating Officer

Heading RP Group’s Healthcare vertical under the wise leadership of Padmasree Dr Ravi Pillai. Looking back he has redefined success in the healthcare world on his terms. He started humbly in Aviation and media. But being multifaceted and committed to excelling in different spheres of life where the challenge is the by-word in success, he chose the most complicated healthcare where only humanness matters. His past rings true that he is a go-getter be it Government Civil Hospitals, Delhi NCR and Multi Speciality Hospitals under the Meditrina Group of Hospitals, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, etc. Innovator, chief strategy planner for patient-centric activities, man management expert, trainer, quality assurance specialist and implement the system in the organisation and create SOP, policy and protocols. Post Graduate in Hospital and healthcare Management from NIBM, Chennai, MBA in Media Management & Aviation from Indian Institute of Business Management, Delhi, Certified Professional in Project Management, Six Sigma, ERP and achieved Doctor of Medicine (MD) in AM and other related courses, lots of training programs and workshops including IIM. It is a great opportunity for the phase lift operations and expansion projects for the Hospital, College of Nursing, and School of Nursing. With such a wide perspective and versatile mindfulness, we have found in him a successful and resourceful leader.

Dr. Varghese Koshy

Medical Superintendent

Upasana Hospital, a flagship venture in healthcare of the RP group of Padmashree Dr Ravi Pillai is on the pathway of growth with a strong social commitment.

We are committed to integration of new modalities and departments and will soon be able to meet the expectations of the people of Kollam city. The winds of change will be felt soon and Upasana Hospital will soon be equipped to cater to all sections of the society responsibly ,and meet the expectations of our brothers and sisters of Kollam.

With the cooperation of the people of Kollam and blessings of the Almighty, we will deliver the best healthcare at a reasonable cost .

Jai hind

Parvathy R Varma

Parvathy R Varma

Hospital Administrator

Keen listening and concise communication, are the basis of an effective hospital administrator. A Psychologist by profession, Mrs Parvathy R Varma grasped the mindset of the patient and the staff dealing them with empathy and grist. Total 25 years of experience including 5 yrs in UAE, out of which 10 years in the field, with added HR/Admin experience, made her mark as an able person to look up to in times of crisis. Began her career in Healthcare as Centre Head of the sought after Chaitanya Eye Hospital, now the Hospital Administrator of the RP Group's prestige, Upasana Hospital.