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Upasana Hospital


The hospital was taken over by Padmasree. Dr. Ravi Pillai ever since the hospital has been progressing and stands tall as one of the leading Multispecialty Hospitals in Kerala. Upasana is a 300-bed multispecialty hospital located in the heart of Kollam City. We offer a compliment of specialist services equipped with some of the most advanced medical technology. The hospital offers a 24-hour walk-in clinic, an Accident and Emergency Centre and the choicest diagnostic and surgical expertise. Located in the Heart of Kollam City and close to the National Highway a fast access to emergency needs for the people of Kollam City and other areas in and around Kollam. With 24/7 Emergency care availability, over the years Upasana Hospital has carved much confidence and trust in the minds of the common man.

Upasana Hospital brings in the same RP hallmark into the Health Services sector. Through Upasana, the RP group is giving what our society needs the most in this day and age; a healthcare infrastructure that common people can trust and rely on. We want to guide our communities toward a better future, one where health and care are universal and personal. We aim to improve the overall general health of the communities we are a part of and increase their medical awareness. Through Upasana Hospital we care more about adding real value to society; after all, health is the real wealth. Upasana brings together the best of technology, with the greatest of medical expertise wrapped in the warmth and joy of human connection.