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  • Advanced Medical Facilities

5 Operation Theatres, 7 ICUs catering to specialized care (ICCU, MICU, SICU, PICU, Neuro-ICU,  HDU), and PACU.

  • Specialized Units

Advanced Dialysis Unit, State-of-the-art Labour Delivery Suites, and a dedicated Neurodiagnostic Lab.

  • Cutting-Edge Services

Leading-edge Radiological equipment, including modern imaging modalities and a Urology Dept. equipped with advanced laser technology, including the first-of-its-kind ESWL in South Kerala.

  • Comprehensive Services

24-hour pharmacy, Advanced Clinical Labs, dedicated day care unit, and ward options ranging from beds to Deluxe Suite rooms.

  • Committed Staff

A team of dedicated and committed professionals providing round-the-clock care.

  • Environmental Responsibility

Embracing 100% eco-friendly practices.

  • Accessibility

Vast Parking Facility for convenience and accessibility.

  • Advanced Medical Infrastructure:

Featuring 5 Operation Theatres, 7 ICUs (ICCU, MICU, SICU, PICU, Neuro-ICU, NICU,HDU), Level III Neonatal ICU, and an Advanced Dialysis Unit.

  • Diagnostic & Imaging Services:

Modern Radiological equipment, Neurodiagnostic Lab, Urology Dept. with advanced laser tech, and comprehensive 24-hour Clinical Labs.

  • Patient Comfort & Convenience:

Ward Beds to Deluxe Suite rooms, Kids Play Area, Prayer area, Restaurants, cafeteria, Baby Shop, Executive Lounge.

  • Blood Bank:

Emergency blood services are available for surgeries and medical needs.

  • Convenience Amenities:

Nurse Call System, Accident and emergency care, Parking, and dedicated security measures.

  • In-Patient Department:

Comfortable, fully equipped rooms for varied accommodation needs.

  • Outpatient Department Facilities:

Over 40 OPDs, Minor procedure rooms, Feeding room, immunization room.

  • Radiodiagnostics & Imaging:

Modern imaging modalities including 32-slice CT, Doppler Ultrasound, and Digital X-ray units.

  • Pharmacy Services:

24-hour availability, delivery to patient rooms, and an extensive stock of medicines and supplies.

  • Critical Care Units:

More than 80 specialized units ensuring continuous critical care.

Our in-house Blood Bank addresses critical patient needs, providing Whole Blood for emergency situations and surgeries. To sustain this vital resource, we encourage voluntary donors to replenish the blood supply. Every donation contributes directly to saving lives, ensuring blood availability for those in need during medical emergencies and surgeries. Your donation could be a lifeline for someone in urgent need of blood.

As a cornerstone of patient care, our Accident & Emergency department is the backbone of our hospital. Our fully trained specialists are equipped to handle various emergencies, from accidents to burns, and specialize in critical treatments such as Antivenom for snake bites. At Upasana Hospital, we are dedicated to raising the bar in responding swiftly and effectively to emergencies, ensuring top-notch care in urgent situations.

Every room and ward is equipped with a Nurse Aid call system located near the patient’s bed. Simply press the bell switch to signal the nursing station, and a nurse will promptly attend to your needs.

Located on the second floor, our exclusive Executive Lounge offers unparalleled comfort for those opting for health check packages. Equipped with amenities such as television, F & B services, WiFi, charging facilities, and a selection of magazines and newspapers, our Guest Relations Executive ensures the highest level of service for your comfort and convenience.

Our indoor Play Area is designed to cater to children’s needs, offering a safe and entertaining space. While parents attend to hospital visits, children can enjoy a carefully curated selection of toys ensuring both fun and safety. For hospitalized children, sanitized toys are available, enhancing their comfort during their stay.

At Upasana Hospital, our Baby Shop offers a range of products catering to women, kids, and newborns, including toiletries, stationery, books, magazines, gift items, and more. Additionally, you can find essential items such as cell phone recharge coupons, sanitary napkins, cosmetics, and dental care products for your convenience.

Our rooms prioritize patient comfort and hygiene, offering essential amenities such as water heaters, direct dialing, Cable TV, and air conditioning.

  • Deluxe Rooms: Designed for a comfortable stay, catering to patient and attendant needs, ensuring privacy and supplementary facilities for family and friends.
  • Suite Rooms: Fully furnished with separate living and bedroom areas, equipped with amenities like TVs, sofas, telephones, and WiFi connectivity.

All rooms receive comprehensive housekeeping services, including regular linen changes and twice-daily cleaning.

Room Types:

  • General Ward
  • Semiprivate Non-AC Room
  • Semiprivate AC Room
  • Private Non-AC Room
  • Private AC Room
  • Semi Deluxe Room
  • Deluxe Room
  • Executive
  • Deluxe Executive
  • Suite
  • Delivery Suite

At Upasana Healthcare & Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., male and female wards with TV and toilet facilities. While ensuring patient comfort, our spacious wards maintain quality infrastructure. Each bed accommodates one bystander. We maintain strict infection control measures and prioritize patient privacy by discouraging photography, videos, and children in these areas. Patients have the choice of admission based on their preference for a ward or room.

At Upasana Health Care & Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., our Radiology Department boasts cutting-edge equipment, offering the latest imaging modalities in a completely digital setup. This includes advanced technology such as a 32-slice CT, Doppler Ultrasound with 4D capabilities, transportable USG units, and Digital X-ray units with computerized radiology systems. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide various imaging services, including Advanced Echo. Echocardiograms deliver precise visuals of heart movement, aiding in the detailed analysis of chambers and valves using high-frequency sound waves.

Our 24/7 pharmacy stocks prescribed medications, including imports, vaccines, antivenom, surgical accessories, and implants. We offer room delivery, adjusting payments from the admission advance for added convenience.

Our hospital hosts 80+ ICUs spanning surgical and medical specialities. With round-the-clock management by trained medical staff, including specialists in nutrition, physiotherapy, respiratory therapy, and more, we ensure comprehensive care. Rigorous audits and oversight maintain top-quality patient treatment for successful recovery.

Our state-of-the-art operation theatres boast cutting-edge technology, operating as standalone units with separate air handling systems. Each theatre is interconnected, enhancing efficiency and patient safety, with all monitors linked to a central monitoring system. Our hospital’s integrated information system expedites seamless transmission of lab results to theatres, reducing care delays. Our anaesthesia department, equipped with advanced Draeger workstations, is managed by experienced physician anaesthetists. Additionally, we’ve implemented a unique Preoperative Surgical Home system to enhance patient satisfaction.

At Upasana Healthcare & Hospital Pvt. Ltd., we offer air-conditioned rooms and suites with essential amenities. Patient well-being is our priority, with nursing stations providing prompt medical assistance. Complimentary dietary food at bedside highlight our commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction.

At Upasana Healthcare & Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., we house over 40 outpatient OPDs across the ground and first floors. The OPD block features a spacious waiting area accommodating more than 400 patients. Additional facilities include a fully-equipped Daycare, Executive Lounge, minor procedure rooms, kid’s play area, feeding room, immunization room, Cafeteria, and a Baby Shop.